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The Unknown Love Series by Amber Craft

Unknown Love: A Gods of Carina Novel

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Sign copies available for purchase now with a personal note for 25.99

When Gaia, the Goddess of planet Earth, decides to mess with a suicidal Vampire’s life in order to save the planet, it could only lead to good things, right?

Coven leader Torin Von Sapien is tired of, well, life. He has chosen to leave the coven with both his vampire daughter and human son before embracing death. But there are greater forces at work than even he could guess. The Moirai, the Three Fates, resolve that as a strong leader, he can help protect the human race from the danger coming. They decide to bless him with a rare, fated mate, named Katerina Bordeaux. She is out on the town with her friends when the sound of her intoxicating laugh changes his course forever, giving him hope and making him want to embrace life again.


As Torin begins to woe Katerina closer, buried family secrets, as well as outside forces are making plans to destroy them all. As trusted people around Katerina turn out to be from a race of people known only as the Avaan’s, the family must decide whether to trust these beings or not. Loyalties are tested when Torin and his human son are forced to keep secrets from everyone, including Katerina.

As the danger inches closer, will Katerina be able to come to terms with what she truly is; something not earthly, or even human, at all? Even if she does, will she be able to harness this new power before everything she loves is destroyed by beings far superior than anything on Earth?

Coming in 2021

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Unknown Family

All Sedah has ever wanted to do, as the youngest daughter to the King of the Underworld, was to spend time among humans like the rest of her siblings. When she finally gets the chance, she is heartbroken to learn it’s because of a secret, fate changing, deal, struck between Hades and others.The ultimatum? Find true love or become a servant to Poseidon, forever.


Stuck in the forest with the nymphs while the inherited curse from her grandmother wears off, she must then stay with Poseidon while his son attempts to woo her.
As Sedah tries to get used to the world around her, will she succeed in her quest for survival, or go from princess to servant overnight?

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